Dear South School Parents/Guardians,

This is an invitation for parents/guardians and grandparents to attend our Back to School Night on Thursday, September 20, 2018 from 6:00-7:30 PM. At the time listed below, go directly to your child’s classroom.

Meet the teacher, learn about curricular expectations from PowerPoint presentations and/or packets of information and tour the classroom. At a time other than the 30 minute presentation, travel throughout the South School building. Stop by to say hello to me or Mrs. Kaplan, our school nurse. Be sure to travel to the PTO table and Parent Liaison table to leave your email address in order to receive current important information electronically.

Visit your children’s music, gym, and art room. Meet the academic support staff and view the cafeteria and library. It’s an informal opportunity to introduce yourselves to the educators who work daily with your children. Enjoy learning a little about students’ routines and our expectations that we possess for each to grow and learn.

If childcare is unavailable, and makes it impossible to attend I am happy to monitor students in the cafeteria.

Times for Classroom Presentations ~ Classrooms are closed to all others during the thirty minute presentation block.

6:00-6:30 Room 1 Kindergarten Ms. Rosenthal

6:00-6:30 Room 2 Kindergarten Mrs. Kalianiotis

6:00-6:30 Room 3 Grade 1 Mrs. Russell

6:00-6:30 Room 4 Grade 1 Ms. Montello

6:30-7:00 Room 6 Grade 2 Mrs. Smedile

6:30-7:00 Room 7 Grade 2 Mrs. DeMayo/STEM Co-Liaison

6:30-7:00 Room 8 Grade 3 Mrs. Wallace/Humanities Co-Liaison

6:30-7:00 Room 12 Grade 3 Mrs. Johnson/Lead Mentor/STEM Co-Liaison

6:30-7:00 Room 13 Grade 3 Ms. Fedor

6:30-7:00 Room 18 Language Based Mrs. Zampitella

7:00-7:30 Room 15 Grade 4 Mrs. Doherty

7:00-7:30 Room 19 Grade 4 Ms. Asztalos

7:00-7:30 Room 20 Grade 4 Mrs. Redman

7:00-7:30 Room 16 Grade 5 Mrs. Slagen/Humanities Co-Liaison

7:00-7:30 Room 17 Grade 5 Ms. Pires

The following teachers will be available from 6:00 – 7:30.

Room 13 Academic Support Mrs. O’Shea

Room 5 Academic Support Mrs. Wood

Room A Counselor Mrs. Shute

Room 5 OT Mrs. Ippolito

Room 10 Music Mr. Curley

Gym Physical Education Mr. Birnstill

Room 14 Reading Ms. Dewsbury/ELL Liaison

Room B Speech Ms. Drumm/Assistant Principal/ELL Liaison

The following teachers are at another school this evening, but are able to meet you at another time or email you.

Room 9 Art Mrs. Miller/Mrs. Corrente

Room 11 Computers Mrs. Maltby/Mrs. Kane

See you on September 20th at various times between 6:00 and 7:30 PM.


Maureen Mulvey